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        Eagle Season

Eagle season runs through February.  Eagle Days weekend
2015 will be Saturday and Sunday, January 24 & 25.

The Apple Shed will have live eagle programs every hour and
activities will be available for children.

The Visitor Center will provide tourist and eagle information.
(Great eagle viewing from the Center)

Riverfront Park will have volunteers to assist eagle viewing
through spotting scopes.

Lock and Dam 24 attracts numerous eagles!
For more detailed information click on
Events page and go to Eagle Days.

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Great River Road Pottery
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Windsor Chair Shop
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    Skip & Racheal Mathews - Flame Painted Copper
    Jean McMullen - Watercolor and Collage
    Amanda Moon - Handmade Pottery
    Lori Purk - Nature Photography
    Mary Beth St. Clair - Custom Silverwork  


Windsor Chair Shop
hand made windsor chairs
Ralph Quick - artisan


    The Clarksville Eagle Days week-end event is sponsored by Missouri Department
    of Conservation, City of Clarksville and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Live eagle
    programs, videos, displays, activities for children and conservation gifts for sale
    will be available in the Apple Shed Theater (not heated).  The Visitor Center will
    be open for a “warmer” opportunity for viewing and additional information.  
    Spotting scopes, volunteers to assist you and a bonfire will be awaiting you in
    River Front Park.

    Eagle season in Clarksville opens as the Eagles arrive.  
    Bald eagles migrate down from the Great Lakes states and central Canada to this
    area where they find safe resting areas and an ample food supply.  Winter is a
    difficult time for them. Conserving energy to keep warm is important. Although
    the majestic and graceful flight of the Eagle is beautiful to see, it quickly burns
    up necessary energy.

    Because of their excellent vision the eagle is able to see a fish from a mile or
    more away.  Bald Eagles feed primarily on fish and consume approximately
    1 to 2 pounds of food per day.  They can fly at some 65 miles per hour and
    dive at speeds of over 150 miles per hour.  Standing about 3 feet tall and
    spreading up to an 8-food wingspan, the eagle can soar for hours and can
    even use their wings to swim if necessary.  

    One of the amazing and delightful experiences of the 2009 season was found
    in seeing so many immature eagles, an indication that the population is continuing
    to increase.

    The Department of Conservation has recently added to availability for parking
    along the river front in Clarksville by supplying gravel for the parking area and
    pouring a new handicap pad facing the river.  The parking lot has been filled
    often in the last three weeks as guests from far and near arrive to observe and
    photograph the symbolic national birds in action.

    Throughout town flyers will also direct you to the opportunities for food and
    shopping.  Come enjoy this distinct experience.

    Jo Anne Smiley, Mayor